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The memory stands out, the skin immersed in the other. Man and woman with a single supply. Youth book dedicated to sensuality, sweat and panting. The rebellious, crazy, naked poem, made to fit an age, of an emerging happiness, eternal because one is young. Free book.

A novel in which dreams take over the discourse. It is the novel by Jorge Nunes. It is the narrative universe of this author / poet who took a risk with this title, whose first chapter won the El Nacional Short Story Contest in 1972.

With this work, Nunes experiments, travels through dreams, through the desires of the flesh, through fantasy, through faint characters, lost in their own chaos. A novel with skipped chapters, where the actants come and go, appear and disappear: guerrillas, circus images, gargantuan children, exaggerated, pantagruélicos, flea exorcists… total: a novel of those days that continue to be these. Nymphs, fables and apples, published by Editorial La Enseñanza Viva in 1977, is a playful, surreal maneuver, protected by a writing where poetry is also a character.

The entry of chapter XIII, “The flea tamer and the magic circus”, opens the way for us: “Dragged heavily by a rickety donkey, a paltry ghost wagon was moving under the sun of the plains. Trapped in a deserted landscape, the old wagon looked like a vision out of some apparition book. Sitting on the stirrup, whip in hand, covered by the remains of a ruined hat, a man with a skeletal face clung to the reins, hurrying the animal.

Memory is also a mirror, it reflects, sometimes hides, disfigures, moves away. In this collection of poems, edited by the Collection of Letters of Venezuela N ° 59, Poetry Series of the UCV Culture Directorate in 1978, the author insists, persists and retraces some topics of Images and reflections. The text that gives name to this book, Hidden in memory, warns: “They tried to make it to the measure of life / and the things that do not / remain / they took him by the hands / they contaminated him with heat / They even transmitted flashes / and caresses / similar to love / and the light of wheat / and the brightness of the / night. // But he was not there / For a long time / remained hidden in his memory.

Instance for oblivion, mirror for opacity, whoever hesitates in the codes of this poem is torn between balance and the fear of being carried away by some abyss, for some reason contrary to his wishes.

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